Fall In Love


The Beginning of Something Beautiful

The undeniable enchantment of Bowen Island draws you in every time… why not make it official? Known as one of the most beautiful islands on the coast of British Columbia, Bowen is home to a vibrant and proud community, with endless opportunities to explore its stunning terrain.

Just a 17-minute ferry ride to Horseshoe Bay, with Whistler and Vancouver Island close by, more adventures are always within reach. But no matter where you go, whether for work or play, you can always come back to your own little piece of heaven. Learn about the island's history and community. 

A Place to Grow


A Community to Call Your Own

“Come for the nature. Stay for the community.” The motto of Bowen Island residents rings true for anyone lucky enough to have visited. It’s a vibrant community proud of its rich heritage, culture and arts scene, with unique restaurants, museums, artist studios, galleries, boutiques, cafes and more.

The well-developed infrastructure, cooperative community and peaceful environment on Bowen Island make it an ideal location to find yourself, raise a family, retire — or all three. Whatever life you envision, Bowen Island is the fertile ground from which it can grow. Learn more about Arbutus Ridge at King Edward Bay.

Your Playground Awaits


Live Life to the Fullest

Life on Bowen may be tranquil but it’s never dull. Its vast natural playground has become a destination for outdoor adventure lovers. Renowned hiking trails that lead to stunning mountain vistas, boating and kayaking on lake and ocean waters, rock climbing, horseback riding, and beach picnics with your favourite people… Bowen Island is the perfect place to relax, recharge and keep your heart happy and healthy. No gym membership required! Explore the island's attractions and amenities. 

Let Nature In


Minimal, Eco-Friendly Design

Imagine a home designed to complement nature… one that incorporates eco-friendly building practices and materials, so it not only looks beautiful, but also helps preserve the beauty of its surroundings for generations to come.

The homes at Arbutus Ridge will be built with the latest innovations, leaving the smallest footprint possible, using the best available non-toxic materials and offering infinite possibilities with adaptable and reconfigurable structures. Built to withstand natural events, mold and rot, our homes will embody all the best qualities of modern sustainable design. View the site plans. 



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