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The Pareto Group originates value-added real property transactions generating significantly higher risk-adjusted returns for our small and sophisticated investor group.

Investments span residential, commercial, industrial and hospitality sectors where we significantly enhance returns by repositioning underutilized assets for maximum revenue and capital growth.

We target opportunities in the $5-50 million dollar range, a bracket that is difficult for most individual investors to tap into and yet too small to draw interest from institutional players.

Our focus on this underserved segment allows us to deliver extremely high quality opportunities to our clients with returns that significantly exceed corresponding benchmarks.


David Beckow  has acquired, developed, managed and divested residential and commercial real estate in varying stages of development including new construction, multi-family conversions, and the repositioning of underperforming commercial / residential property assets.

David’s experience also includes real estate investment banking in New York with Scotia Capital Inc., VP Acquisitions at Trafalgar Corporate, a real estate private equity fund in Sydney, Australia along with extensive transactional work related to the acquisition, administration, and eventual disposition of real property portfolios spanning residential, commercial and industrial asset classes.

Mr. Beckow holds both a Law Degree and an MBA from the University of Western Ontario, Richard Ivey School of Business.



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